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12 Essential Questions to Ask When Buying Real Estate in Puerto Escondido

Posted by Lucie on December 29, 2023

An alluring blend of unspoiled beaches, vibrant culture, and promising investment opportunities make Puerto Escondido Real Estate a hot pick for potential property buyers. A little research and the right questions can go a long way in making a wise investment decision.



Financial Questions


1.1 What is the Price?


It goes without saying, but confirming the price of the property is the first step. The booming Puerto Escondido housing market can offer a variety of options catering to different budget ranges.


1.2 What is the Estimated Future Value?


Investing in Puerto Escondido real estate means considering the future. Assess if the property’s value will appreciate with time, giving you a good return on investment.


1.3 What Additional Purchase Costs are involved?


Beyond the initial expense, there may be other costs such as transfer taxes, notary fees, and home inspection costs. Understand these to avoid surprises later on.


1.4 What are the Tax Obligations?


Talk with a financial consultant or a lawyer to comprehend your tax obligations when buying properties in Puerto Escondido.


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Legal Questions


2.1 Are there any Property Rights issues?


In Mexico, there are unique regulations for foreign ownership, especially in coastal areas. Ensure you fully understand these laws when buying oceanfront property in Mexico.


2.2 Are there the Necessary Permits?


If you’re planning to modify the property, like building a swimming pool or an extension, verify that these can be granted permission without issue.


2.3 What are the Zoning Laws?


This not only affects future modifications but might impact the property’s value and purpose. Could a new bar open next door? Can you run a business from your home?


2.4 What is the Dispute Resolution?


Before investing in Puerto Escondido real estate, it’s crucial to know how disputes related to the property will be resolved.

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Non-financial Questions


3.1 What Amenities are Available Nearby?


Assess the proximity to healthcare providers, supermarkets, and other amenities. Investment properties in Puerto Escondido should enhance your lifestyle, not detract from it.


3.2 How Close is it to Urban Centers?


Understanding the commute to main cities or tourist attractions can affect your quality of life or the investment potential.


3.3 Are there any Environmental Risks?


Check for regular flooding, hurricanes or other environmental hazards that could affect your Puerto Escondido property.


3.4 Is the Property Suitable for your Lifestyle?


Lastly, envision your life in the property. Whether it’s beachfront condominiums or inland villas, in Puerto Escondido the property should suit your lifestyle.

With these pivotal questions, a potential buyer is well-equipped to make a sound, informed decision. We invite you to use these questions as a checklist on your journey to owning a slice of paradise in Puerto Escondido.


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