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5 things to look out for when buying a property in Puerto Escondido

Posted by n0poti on March 26, 2023

When it comes to buying or acquiring property, whether it is real estate or land, there are a number of things that you would like to consider before doing so. That is, if when making large investments, we see it necessary to stop and see that everything works and adapts to what we need, as when buying a car, then the same will happen when you want to acquire a piece of land or an apartment. You are already sure that your next step to put your money to work for you is investing in Mexico. Surely you will ask yourself, What else should I consider? What considerations should I take into account to make my investment?

We have talked before about things that should be considered as a foreigner when buying in Puerto Escondido, even about all the advantages that living in a place like Oaxaca has; now it is necessary to mention what are some of the key points that we should take into account when looking to buy/invest in a property.


The location of the property to be acquired should be the most important, if not the first, thing you should consider when you are looking for your place.
Know the territory; even if you are not there, having an idea of how it is located on the map will be necessary.

What information will correctly knowing the location of your property give you?

Accessibility: Distance from the road/avenue. Puerto Escondido is still a rural and tropical environment, the piece of land in front of the beach can be a dream, but when considering transportation, the distance to the main road/avenue is something that will help you plan in terms of construction, housing, and lifestyle (and also determine your transportation).

Soil: Especially if you are planning to build a construction, the state of the soil in which your land is located will help you to know in terms of infrastructure what the needs and challenges will be when building.

Basic services: Puerto Escondido recently became a destination where more and more people want to go on vacation and nowadays also to live or invest. That has created a great need to improve basic services such as water, electricity, and the internet. Fortunately, today there is also the option of hiring a satellite internet in which its operation only depends on the way you install the satellite regardless of the location it is.

A large part of Puerto Escondido has no inconvenience; however, depending on the remoteness and accessibility of your property, it may require special attention or construction to have water wells and electricity available. Constant dialogue with locals can always be a good alternative to getting to know the needs and possibilities of the terrain.

Landscape: It may sound not very important if you will put your property to work for you, however when talking about added value, taking into account whether your property will be near a lagoon, at the foot of the beach, in the mountains, or in a more urban area will determine the value that your property acquires over time and also the lifestyle that will be had in that space.

These are some of the points that we think are most relevant to consider when doing a scouting to acquire a property in Puerto Escondido, knowing the map of the territory as well as the municipalities of which it is part, having a good political and cultural context to support your decisions can be of great help in the future.

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