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Why is it still a good time to invest in Puerto Escondido?

Posted by n0poti on February 13, 2023

Puerto Escondido Mexico is one of the most visited beach destinations in Mexico today. It has a big list of things to offer to tourists who are looking for a vacation in a place close to the sea and nature.

Those who have the possibility to work from anywhere in the world usually look for places where they can have a much calmer lifestyle and our scale of values, investing in a better quality of life is really a priority.

In July 2021, the Times magazine included Oaxaca as one of the best 100 tourist destinations in the world. Only In 2021, these coastal destinations attracted 1 million 440 thousand 346 visitors, between nationals and foreigners, according to figures from the Ministry of Tourism.

Oaxaca is known worldwide for its culture and traditions, from its gastronomy to its landscapes full of mountains or immense beaches, the variety of climates makes this state a jewel in the Mexican country. This is something that is definitely taken into account when considering places in the world in which you want to invest. The possibility of living in a pleasant climate during all the months of the year is a luxury that until recently, only a very small number of people could get.

The fact of being able to enjoy both landscapes in the same geographical territory makes it fit everyone’s taste. Another reason why Puerto Escondido and Oaxaca State in general are currently popular is because they have lower Real Estate prices compared to other places in Mexico such as San José del Cabo, Puerto Vallarta or Tulum. This means that buying at a lower price as it is currently, the more possible it is that the return on investment will be high in the future.

Another advantage of Puerto Escondido is that as it is not a city with large developments, the landscapes are always available, but it also means that construction and development are not necessarily simple if you have infrastructure development plans. The airport is still small for the daily traffic of visitors, the federal highway that would take from Oaxaca city to Puerto Escondido in 2:30 hrs has been under construction for a long time and today it is not known when it will end. Construction materials and machinery are not always available in the region and that can make it take longer to develop architectural and commercial projects.

Puerto Escondido, like other regions of the Mexican coasts, lacks organization and strategies to carry out an orderly and sustainable growth. According to Francisco Rincón Gallardo (director of the Oaxacan Fund for Nature Conservation), there are no clear regulations or urban development plans in the municipalities and the dialogue between communities and construction companies is something that is still at the beginning of its development.

The phenomenon of gentrification is undoubtedly something that has to be taken into account when building and investing in areas such as the coastal region of Oaxaca.

Puerto Escondido has only 30% of drainage, the rest is treated in septic tanks and plants that are already beginning to exceed their capacity, considering new, better and friendlier water systems in the localities is everyone’s job since it is the main way to take care of the entire territory and its inhabitants. Thinking about an organized and environmentally friendly growth and development is a responsibility that we must all take on.

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