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Living in Puerto Escondido, Mexico: What is it like and how much does it cost?

Posted by n0poti on January 31, 2023

Living in Puerto Escondido offers much more than you could imagine for such a small town. The fortunate location of this beach, in the Mexican Pacific, means that along the coastal road (Carretera Costera) you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, with a characteristic swell that allows thousands of surfers and tourists to visit every year. The atmosphere of the surf life, local traditions, and visits from tourists from all over the world during the 12 months of the year, the nightlife and beautiful landscapes have made this place one of the best destinations that exist today to spend a holiday season or establish a new life much more relaxed, warm and fun.

Puerto Escondido has 6 main beaches: Playa Principal, Playa Marinero, Puerto Angelito, Manzanillo, Bacocho, Carrizalillo, Zicatela and Punta Colorada. Zicatela and Punta Zicatela are the main surfing spots, followed by Carrizalillo being ideal if you are a beginner, where you can also take surf lessons and the cost usually goes from $400 (20 USD) per class plus the rental of the board. These are the main beaches, but living in this part of Oaxaca means having almost virgin beaches just 20 minutes away, as is the case with Tierra Blanca. Near Puerto Escondido there are two other important tourist spots which are Mazunte and Zipolite.

The public transport in Puerto works well and connects with the main locations along the coast. There are vans, better known as colectivos that pass along the Costera Highway and run along the beaches that we have already mentioned, their price is around $10 pesos (1 USD). Taking a taxi from the center of Puerto Escondido to Zicatela or Punta Zicatela costs around $80 (4 USD). Another widely used option to get around are motorbikes, you can rent a scooter from $350 (17 USD) per day and they usually have good deals to rent them for weeks or months.

As for the rentals and the food it always depends on the tastes and the place where you are going. Some places like Osmara, Espadín, Sommo, Almoraduz you can pay up to $1,200 per person.(60 USD), modern food and drinks at nice places. If you are taking into account more local places, for example in the Zicatela market or downtown and also near other beaches, you can have a full meal from $80 (4 USD) to $200 (10 USD). In the markets there are traditional Mexican food establishments that are usually very delicious and also affordable.  In Puerto, just as you can spend super relaxing days of beach and sun, the nightlife is something that surely will not disappoint you if your plan is also to meet new people. The covers for nightclubs and parties are usually between $200 (10 USD) and $400 (20 USD) and the drinks are also in average prices.

The cost of staying in Puerto Escondido will also depend on the area you choose and the amenities you are willing to pay. Shared accommodations such as hostels and a house with more than 3 rooms can cost from $400 (20 USD) per night, rooms on Airbnb from $1,200 (60 USD) per night on average while a luxury accommodation can go up to $4,000 (200 USD) per night as is the case of Hotel Escondido or Casona Sforza.

Temporary rentals depend on the area but in Zicatela you can have a rent of approx 18-20 thousand pesos (1,000 USD) in a Modern Suite. More traditional apartments in the center for about $10 thousand pesos (500 USD).

Living in Puerto Escondido is to adopt a very chill and relaxed lifestyle, it is to spend time on the beach, admire sunsets that look like from movies, enjoy the fishing of the day in any traditional Mexican format. It is to travel rustic roads that lead to paradisiacal beaches and it is also to meet new people every day.

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